Cape Breton Doctor so “Incompetent” no Training Program can Help: College of Physicians

by John McKiggan

Dr. Stani Osif of Cape Breton has been found guilty of “incompetence and professional misconduct” in a number of incidents at Northside General Hospital in North Sydney between 2003 and 2006 according to a story in today’s Chronicle Herald.

In June 2007 the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia suspended Dr. Osif’s license to practice medicine.


In January 2008 the College ruled that Dr. Osif was guilty of incompetence and professional misconduct.

The College is now holding a hearing to determine how Osif should be disciplined.

In cases where the College determines that there is evidence of professional misconduct, incompetence, or conduct unbecoming, the complaint is referred to a hearing committee.

The hearing process is like a mini-trial, with witnesses providing sworn evidence and legal arguments from a lawyer acting for the College and a lawyer representing the doctor.

Discipline can range from dismissal of the complaint to removal of the doctor from practice.

The panel holding the disciplinary hearing heard argument yesterday that Osif’s medical skills are so lacking there may not be a training program adequate to bring her up to standards.

The Herald reported that:

College lawyer Marjorie Hickey said the gravity of the incidents, which included a second potentially life-threatening misdiagnosis, called for further sanctions.

The finding of professional misconduct indicated a deliberate disregard or indifference to patients’ well-being, Ms. Hickey said.

“We’re not dealing here with a case of one isolated incident . . . in an otherwise unblemished career…”

Were you a patient of Dr. Osif? What do you think should happen?

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