Disgraced Pathologist Menon “Sorry” but Blames Everyone in Sight

by John McKiggan

Dr. Rajgopal Menon, the dismissed pathologist at the centre of a public inquiry into botched cancer screening tests and autopsies in New Brunswick, apologized to his former patients yesterday for any errors he may have made.

Menon “Apologizes”

“I wish to sincerely apologize to any patient if I have made an error in reading their pathology slides. I was not aware of any errors in my work.”

More Problems Than Previously Reported

The expert hired to review Menon’s work, Dr. Rosemary Henderson testified yesterday that she found 14 incorrectly diagnosed cancer tests done by Menon in just a two year period. More than the 6 or 7 errors that had previously been reported.

Menon Casts Blame on Others

But today Menon changed his tune. He blamed his bosses whom he said “were out to get him” according to CBC reports.

Notes “Planted”

Menon claimed that signed notes of a 1998 meeting where Menon was told to clean up his act or face dismissal were fake.

“The meeting never happened,” Menon insisted. “I think the notes were planted.”

Menon “Blackmailed”

He claimed that New Brunswick’s College of Physicians and Surgeons tried to blackmail him into resigning.

“Maybe, in hindsight, it would have been better,” Menon said when asked what he thought of the offer.
“But that is like blackmail for me. . . . That is not professional medicine.”

Hospital Was The Problem

Menon said the problem was not with him but the Hospital where he worked:

“As far as I was concerned, it was the administration,” he said.

Doctor “Out To Get Him”

When questioned about a letter from another doctor expressing concerns about Menon’s competency, Menon told the inquiry:

“He wanted my job and I didn’t want to give it,” Menon said. “That was the only problem.”

Everyone to Blame But Himself

You have to wonder what colour the sky is in the fantasy world that Menon lives in. It appears that the only people Menon didn’t blame for his incompetence are the cancer victims who were not able to receive treatment because he botched their test results telling them they were cancer free!

How many people have died or have not received proper medical treatment because of Menon? He obviously has not read my previous post Doctors: Say “I’m Sorry” and don’t get sued!

What do you think? Is Menon incompetent or an innocent victim of an incredible smear campaign?

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