Firm Partner John McKiggan Updates Media After Requesting Affidavits in Potential Horizon Health Network Class-Action Lawsuit

by John McKiggan

Firm Partner John McKiggan of McKiggan Hebert has questioned Tuesday outside of Moncton’s Court of Queen’s Bench after another step in the certification process unfolded within the evolving potential class-action lawsuit against Horizon Health Network and one of their former nurses.

Representative plaintiff Jayde Scott initiated this lawsuit last April claiming that Nicole Ruest (a former Moncton Hospital nurse) and Horizon Health Network are liable for negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and vicarious liability for the inappropriate administration of oxytocin.

Tuesday’s hearing was an opportunity for Scott’s legal team, John McKiggan and Mathieu Picard, to contend the corroboration of affidavits of all Moncton Hospital documents that they currently possess which may be relevant to the lawsuit’s certification process.

Attorney John McKiggan also acknowledged to Global News that “our firms have been contacted by hundreds of mothers who have expressed concern about whether or not they may be or may have been impacted.” And that, “We think that there’s information that is going to be relevant to the certification motion and that will assist the court.”

Chief Justice Tracey DeWare is presiding over the case and has said that she’ll have her decision by the end of the month in terms of allowing these documents prior to the lawsuit’s official certification. As of now, December 2020 and January 2021 are being discussed in terms of a certification hearing date.

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