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What is the Safest Time to be admitted to Hospital? Weekend Admissions Carry Higher Risk of Death.

by John McKiggan

Weekends are dangerous in Hospitals

Last week the Canadian Institute for Health Information released a study that examined four million urgent acute care hospital admissions between 2010-2013. The study found that there was a 4% higher risk of death for patients admitted to hospital on a weekend rather than a weekday.

The statistics did not apply across the board. The so called “weekend effect” did not occur in hospital admissions for obstetric, pediatric or mental health patients.

Farmer Receives 1.5 Million Dollars for Emergency Room Negligence – Forsberg v. Naidoo

by John McKiggan

Misdiagnosis Leads to Amputation

A recent ruling from the Court of Queen’s Bench in Alberta confirms that prompt diagnosis can mean the difference between life and death (or in this case, life and limb).

Alberta farmer Wayne Forsberg has been awarded 1.5 million dollars in compensation as a result of medical negligence on the part of emergency room physician Dr. Dadi Naidoo.

Patient Safety: Sleep Deprived Doctors Making Mistakes

by John McKiggan

Dangers of Deprivation

The Canadian Medical Association Journal has published an editorial that suggests that sleep deprivation in doctors is endangering patient safety.

According to the authors of the editorial, Drs. Noni MacDonald, Paul Hébert, Ken Flegel and Matthew Stanbrook: “The problem may only be getting worse…”

Patient Safety: 10 Tips to Prevent Diagnostic Errors

by John McKiggan

A diagnostic error, or misdiagnosis, happens when a doctor (or other health care professional) reaches an incorrect conclusion about what is wrong with you.

In Canada up to 7.5% of patients experience some form of diagnostic error.

Why Diagnostic Errors Happen

Police Investigating ER Death

by John McKiggan

Winnipeg police have announced they have created a “special team” to conduct a criminal investigation into the death of Brian Sinclair.

Medical Malpractice Claim Filed After Hospital Waiting Room Death

Mr. Sinclair died in the Emergency Department of a Manitoba hospital after waiting 34 hours to be seen by a doctor.

Medical Malpractice Claim Filed After Hospital Waiting Room Death

by John McKiggan

Man Dies In Hospital Waiting Room
The family of an aboriginal man found dead after spending 34 hours in an emergency department says it will sue a Winnipeg hospital, medical staff, the regional health authority and the Manitoba government.

Brian Sinclair, a 45-year-old double amputee with a speech problem, was found dead in his wheelchair in the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre’s E. R. after spending 34 hours in the hospital’s waiting room.

Death Could Have Been Prevented

Beware the July Effect:Hospital Deaths Spike in Summertime

by John McKiggan

Summertime is Dangerous in Hospitals

Past studies have shown that teaching hospitals experience higher rates of medical errors. It is referred to as the “July phenomenon” in the U.S. or even more morbidly the “August killing season” in the U.K. The problem has been confirmed to exist in Hospitals in Australia as well.

More Medical Students = More Deaths?

99% Of Potential Medical Malpractice Victims Never File a Claim!

by John McKiggan

Almost 100,000 Medical Mistakes Each Year in Canada

The Canadian Medical Association has determined that over 87,000 patients in Canada suffer an adverse event (medical error or mistake) each year.

The same study determined that more than 24,000 people die each year due to medical errors.