Officials told to Turn a Blind Eye to Cancer Test Results: N.L.

by John McKiggan

Moira Hennessey, an assistant deputy minister in Newfoundland and Labrador’s health department has told the Cameron Inquiry that she was ordered not to question confusing figures about cancer test results according reports from the CBC.

“Forgot” to tell Bosses about Problems

She also testified that she “forgot” to pass on information on problems with cancer screening results to her bosses.

Ordered to Alter Records

Hennessey told Justice Margaret Cameron she altered a ministerial briefing note on the orders of her boss, the deputy minister of Health John Abbott.

Abbott had ordered Hennessy to change briefing notes to indicate that recommendations to fix the pathology lab had been implemented when in fact they had not.

“The note came back I can still see it, actually. The note came back to me with the words crossed, like slashed, through it,” she said.

Error in Judgement

Hennessey denied any attempt to cover up problems in the department. When asked about why she had not told the Minister of Health the correct information, Hennessey responded:

“Regrettably, that was an error in judgment on my part,”

Didn’t Disclose Hundreds of False Test Results

Hennessey did not tell her boss that test results showed that more than 300 breast cancer patients had been given incorrect testing results.

It is hard to believe that bureaucrats could put the lives of hundreds of people at risk, simply because they didn’t want to face the political fall out. Well…perhaps it isn’t so hard to believe.

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