Disgraced Pathologist Menon’s Work had ‘Big Problems’: New Brunswick

by John McKiggan

A review of surgical pathology practices at the Miramichi Regional Hospital found there were “big problems” with the work of Dr. Rajgopal Menon according to a report in the Chronicle Herald today.

The latest revelation in the ongoing inquiry into the botched cancer screening fiasco in New Brunswick came yesterday.

Dr. Rosemary Henderson, medical director of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown, and pathologist, Dr. Bruce Wright, conducted a review of Menon’s cases at the request of New Brunswick’s College of Physicians and Surgeons more than a year ago.

Henderson and Wright’s report identified problems with Menon’s work including:

Slow turnaround time;

Incomplete work;

Failure to trim surgical pathology specimens properly, and
Failure to disclose his visual problems.

The report was particularly concerned with Menon’s failure to disclose his visual problems.

“Given the importance of vision to a pathologist, the college may wish to consider whether or not this represents an ethical and/or legal failure to disclose a significant medical problem,”

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