Moms Who Had Emergency C-Sections Due To Oxytocin Given By Moncton Nurse To File Claims

by John McKiggan

Last week the Moncton Hospital confirmed that an unidentified nurse had been fired after they confirmed that two mothers were given the drug oxytocin without their consent, resulting in emergency cesarean sections.

What is Oxytocin and why is it dangerous?

Oxytocin is a drug used in labour and delivery that causes the uterus to contract and speeds up labour. However, the drug can be dangerous for babies because it can cut off oxygen to the fetus and affect fetal heart rate. W

It can also be harmful to mother’s because it can cause uterine rupture and bleeding.

The Moncton Hospital has not released the name of the nurse involved. An RCMP investigation is underway.

Mother’s to file compensation claims

Fidelis Law Droit and John McKiggan, Q.C., of McKiggan Hebert Law have been retained by the two mothers who the Moncton Hospital has confirmed were affected by the use of oxytocin without permission and had to undergo emergency c-sections.

How many families have been impacted?

Media reports have suggested that over 100 mothers may have been impacted and several other mothers and family members have reach out to the firms and more calls are coming in each day.

Fidelis Law Droit and McKiggan Hebert continue to review and consider the facts of each individual case to determine the best course of action for each effected mother and their family.

Fidelis Law Droit is a law firm in Moncton New Brunswick working primarily in personal injury cases.

John McKiggan, Q.C., is a founding partner of McKiggan Hebert Law in Halifax, Nova Scotia who has received national recognition for his work in the field of medical malpractice law.

If you or a family member had a caesarean section at the Moncton Hospital and are wondering about the safety of your child and/or your legal rights, you can call Fidelis Law Droit or McKiggan Hebert for a no-charge case consultation.

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