Did You Wash Your Hands!? A Lesson in Tact

by John McKiggan

Hospital Acquired Infections

I recently posted about the dangers of hospital acquired infections like C-difficile and MRSA.

C- difficile Infections kill 4 in Cape Breton Hospitals

I also provided some advice to patients about how they can protect themselves from hospital acquired infections.

For the most part, these infections stem from hospital staff failing to follow proper sterilization techniques including simple precautions such as washing their hands before examining patients.

I recommended that patients keep a bottle of hand sanitizer by their beds and asking staff to use it before touching the patient.

My colleague Patrick Malone, a medical malpractice lawyer from Washington D.C. has some good advice on his blog about how to tactfully ask doctors and other healthcare staff to wash their hands.

The advice comes from Dr. Steven Kussin author of the book “Doctor, Your Patient Will See You Now”.

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