Doctor Sues to Silence Patient

by John McKiggan

I read blog post today by my colleague Catherine Bertram, a medical malpractice lawyer in Washington D.C. that I thought was interesting.

Dr. Sues Her Patient

She has posted about a California physician, Dr. Kimberley Henry, who has sued one of her own patients who posted a negative review about Dr. Henry online. I wonder if Dr. Henry is opposed to online rating websites generally or just the ones that say bad things about her? Keep in mind that Dr. Henry has signed up for some of these webites and posted her profile.

Gag Orders

Last year I posted about a similar issue Doctors Forcing Patients to Sign Gag Orders .

Catherine’s post indicates that some doctors are becoming more aggressive about trying to prevent patients from exercising their right to freedom of expression.

Coming to Canada?

I’m not aware of any similar suits here in Canada, but the online doctor rating sites like Rate MD are a great resource for Canadians. Is it only a matter of time before we start to see doctors suing their own patients?

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