$4.5 Million Award for Child Who Suffered Cerebral Palsy Due to Birth Trauma

by John McKiggan

Court Approves Multi-Million Dollar Settlement

The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia has approved a settlement in a medical malpractice case awarding 4.5 million dollars in compensation to a child who suffered cerebral palsy as a result of injuries suffered during his birth.

Very Complex Claim

In the decision of Saulnier v. Tynski et. al, Justice Patrick Duncan said in his decision:

“Let me say that this obviously was a very complex medical malpractice claim.”

Payments for Life
Justice Duncan approved the settlement of 4.5 million dollars. 56% of the funds are being placed in a structured settlement to provide periodic payments to Jacob Saulnier for the rest of his life.

Parents Compensated for Extraordinary Services

The court also approved payment of $125,000.00 each for the child’s parents to recognize the burden that has been placed on them for the extraordinary services the now have to provide to their child to care for him as a result of his injuries. Justice Duncan said:

“I accept that these parents have already undergone a lot of stress and that they probably will continue to do so in trying to provide for their son, and that the settlement should do what it can accomplish in terms of trying to minimize the additional stressors.”

Medical malpractice cases are among the most complicated, time consuming, and risky kinds of personal injury litigation.

There is tremendous debate within the medical and scientific community as to the causes of cerebral palsy. Establishing causation in a medical malpractice claim is often a huge, sometimes insurmountable, hurtle.

No amount of money will ever change what happened to young Jacob Saulnier. However, this is a tremendous result in what was a challenging and complicated case.

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