Breast Cancer Screening Fiasco Continues in Newfoundland

by John McKiggan

Newfoundland’s Eastern Health Board is trying to gag it’s employees by getting them to sign confidentiality agreements.

George Tilley the former CEO of Newfoundland’s largest health board didn’t tell his counterparts at the province’s other health boards about breast-cancer testing errors until two months after he discovered them.

His excuse? He was waiting the lab to call him back!

To tell him what? How about: “Hurry up and do something dummy, people are dying!”

Tilley has testified he would “do a lot of things differently” in hindsight.

Here’s hoping he is never put in a position where he has the power to make that kind of decision.

The inquiry has already heard testimony that senior members of Premier Danny Williams office knew about the botched cancer tests for almost 3 months before the information was made public.

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