Only 2% of Canadian Medical Malpractice Victims Receive Compensation!

by John McKiggan

Nearly a quarter of Canadian adults (5.2 million people) report that they, or a member of their family, have experienced a preventable adverse event (lawyer speak for medical malpractice) according to a report released by the Canadian Institute for Health Information.

In Canada, most doctors are defended by a single organization, the Canadian Medical Protection Association (the C.M.P.A.). According to their most recent annual report, the C.M.P.A. has TWO POINT NINE (2.9) BILLION DOLLARS in reserves (money in the bank). The C.M.P.A. uses this money to hire the best experts and lawyers money can buy. Canadian victims of medical malpractice have an almost insurmountable challenge in the face of such overwhelming financial odds.

Some Frightening Statistics:

• The C.M.P.A.’s annual reports brag about its success rate in defending claims brought against doctors. Between 2002 and 2006 over 5000 lawsuits were filed against doctors in Canada. More than 3800 of those claims were dismissed or abandoned because the victim or his or her family, either quit, ran out of money or died before trial.

• The C.M.P.A. settled 229 claims out of court (usually after several years of litigation and just before trial).

• Of the 577 cases that went to trial only 121 resulted in a verdict for the Plaintiff victim. So in the last five years, only twenty percent (20%) of malpractice victims actually won at trial.

• For those few victims who won at trial, the median damage award was only $95,500.00.

• Of more than 5000 lawsuits filed against doctors in the last five years, only two percent (2%) resulted in trial verdicts for the victim.

In other words, 98% of Canadian medical malpractice victims never receive a penny in compensation!

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