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Beware the July Effect:Hospital Deaths Spike in Summertime

Summertime is Dangerous in Hospitals

Past studies have shown that teaching hospitals experience higher rates of medical errors. It is referred to as the “July phenomenon” in the U.S. or even more morbidly the “August killing season” in the U.K. The problem has been confirmed to exist in Hospitals in Australia as well.

More Medical Students = More Deaths?

Ironic isn’t it? Hospitals have to meet higher standards to be certified to teach medical students. Higher standards for the students but it ends up resulting in lower quality care for patients.

A new study has identified a ten percent increase in deaths due to medication errors . The death rate spikes in July, when all the eager new med students graduate and start their training.

One more reason to be careful this summer.

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  • Stacey Burke

    Great post! Keep them coming!

  • Lawyer Kane

    Actually the “more medical students more deaths” is not ironic as one may think. the medicine profession requires skills in addition to knowledge such as experience and confidence. naturally medical students lack such qualities , hence , the rise in number of errors.

  • John McKiggan

    Lawyer Kane: